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The Million Dollars But Million Dollar Perk has expired. It included:

  • Free rent for a year at an apartment in Austin
  • A year of employment at Rooster Teeth Productions
  • Rolls Royce Phantom standard package to take you to and from work
  • PS4
  • Xbox One
  • New gaming PC
  • Vive headset
  • Oculus headset
  • Dinner with Matt Hullum and Burnie Burns
  • Drinks with Geoff Ramsey
  • Hug from Gus Sorola
  • Personal feeling from Gavin Free
  • RT Short based on you
  • Podcast guest appearance
  • Two VIP tickets to every RTX event for TEN YEARS
  • Minor speaking role in the Lazer Team sequel
  • Jack Pattillo’s phone number
  • Nice dinner with Barbara/Blaine/Burnie (you choice)
  • Striptease and lapdance by Josh Flanagan
  • One hour petting zoo with the RT pets
  • One minute petting zoo with Achievement Hunter
  • Complete power to renew or cancel On The Spot
  • The Million Dollars But Card Game and Expansion Pack

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