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July 16 2015

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Day 16 - Friends
Most of my friends are scattered all over the place.
#julyphotochallenge #theidearoom

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Day 15 - Toy
#julyphotochallenge #theidearoom

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Geoff: There is no love lost between those two.


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all we need now is a Caboose St.


Found it.

July 15 2015

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“We haven’t escaped the madness — it simply wears a new face, now.”

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Jack Pattillo, once again proving that he’s one of the coolest guys. [source]

..... Non-straight community, we need to have a conversation.



are a thing.

People’s bodies? aren’t yours to touch without permission. Even in spectrum spaces.

An incomplete list of experiences I have had in spectrum spaces-

* A gay man throwing his arm across my cleavage and telling the bartender to avert his eyes because ‘he just got married.’

* A gay man /grabbing my breasts/ and putting them up on a bar because ‘ Honey, you looked like you needed a rest.’

* A drag queen pulling my shirt down during a show.

* A drag queen motorboating me during the show.

* A woman stopping me as I tried to leave a venue, holding my hands and then my shoulders to tell me I wasn’t allowed to leave because she was a breast woman and my cleavage needed to be at that event.

* A woman grabbing my chest to remark ‘god is kind to let me be in your presence tonight.’

Non straight men?

Just because you aren’t into women, doesn’t mean you can grab women’s bodies and then claim it’s okay because you aren’t into them.

Non straight non-men?

Just because you aren’t a man, doesn’t mean you can grab women’s bodies and then claim it’s okay because you aren’t a man.



genuinely curious reblog this with the first rt video U watched that made U watch the rest

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Day 14 - Time
It’s always a good time for homemade muffins.
#julyphotochallenge #theidearoom

July 14 2015


The Potoo





I am the potoo


I spend most of my time sitting on the edges of tree branches, 


pretending to be a stick or dead leaf


it’s not as easy as it looks


I sing virtually exclusively around the period of the full moon


because, according to legend,


I am a mournful spirit in love with the spirit of the moon


I want 42.



I carved Wooden Bender from Futurama with chainsaws and other power tools! Watch the full video at YouTube.com/griffonramsey #Bender #Futurama @stihlusa

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Day 13 - Fresh
Strawberries and cherries :3
#julyphotochallenge #theidearoom

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Day 12 - Tiny
Little flowers on my walk home from work yesterday.
#julyphotochallenge #theidearoom



People be like:


RT people be like:

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Tab for a Cause: raise money for your favorite charity simply by surfing the web. http://www.tabforacause.org/?r=11258289

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all we need now is a Caboose St.

July 13 2015

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Thank You, Iwata. 1959-2015


Kristin Kuffner's Books and Publications Spotlight


Did you enjoy what you read in my book preview? If so, feel free to check out my author page on Lulu! Here you can pick up a copy of my novel in paperback or eBook. It is also available on iTunes and amazon!


Binding Moonlight preview


The sky was black. It had been like this ever since the small sun died almost sixty years ago. Nrekeeka felt like she should take its example and die as well. Her life had been crumbling ever since they moved to this city and it just seemed to keep getting worse.

The sky was still black. It somehow felt darker today than it had any day in the entire seventeen years Nrekeeka Seldon had been alive. She had survived through her father’s death. She had been strong when her mother overdosed. She was strong every day for the sake of her sister. But today, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t summon any of her strength. Her sister had contracted the virus which had been ravishing the planets as long as the sun had been gone.

Tears were running down her face and dripping off her chin. She wasn’t sobbing or hiccuping, just silently crying. She didn’t know what was left for her. Sure, Shelsea was still alive, but all her future held was painful deterioration of her muscles and liquefaction of her organs. A slow, agonizing death.

“They’re still working on a cure. The government hired some prodigy to develop it,” said her best and only friend, Tobi Nexarius. He slipped his hand into hers as she cried. He was trying so hard not to break down in front of her. Shelsea was his family, too.

“I know you don’t want to hear this ‘Keeka, but the doctor says you’ve got two choices,” Tobi continued, still holding her hand. “She’s in an induced coma right now, but she’ll keep degrading. The longest anyone has ever lived with Amaran is about ten years. You can leave her as she is, or you can let them…” he trailed off, a hitch in his voice.

Nrekeeka shook her head. She couldn’t let them kill her sister. She was dying on her own, but as long as there was some hope in finding a cure, Nrekeeka would never give the doctors the okay to kill the only family she had left.
Bringing her free hand up to her face, she wiped away some of the tears continuing to roll down her cheeks. Raising her head, she saw her pain reflected in Tobi’s bright golden eyes. “What am I going to do?”

Tobi licked his lips, turning away from Nrekeeka. “You know I’ll take care of you no matter what happens. I was gonna wait until your birthday to give you this, but considering the circumstances…” With his free hand, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a key card.

“What is it?” Nrekeeka asked, wiping her eyes again. They felt raw and swollen.
“There’s a building downtown I bought for us. You, Shelsea, and me. I thought we could all live together, y’know? Sort of start our own little family. Look out for each other. It’s not in fantastic shape since it’s an abandoned factory, but I’ve been putting money into it to replace the wiring and plumbing and stuff. I figured you wouldn’t want to go back to the house. And since my parents found out about you and Shelsea…let’s just say I’m not welcome at their house anymore.” Tobi gave a humorless snort, tucking the card back into his pocket. He released Nrekeeka’s hand and wiped his own eyes.

“Tobi, you don’t have to spend your money on us,” said Nrekeeka. “You know how mad Shelsea gets when you do.”

“I know, but I just thought…” He trailed off with a shrug.

Nrekeeka crossed her arms over her chest, her eyes falling to the cracking concrete sidewalk. She inhaled a deep, shuddering breath. “Take me home,” she said on the exhale.

Frowning, he tipped his head to try and meet her eye. “You want to go to your house?”

She shook her head. “No, our home.”

Tobi swallowed hard and nodded. He put his hand on her shoulder and led her to his car. This was not how he wanted this to happen, but at least this way he could keep her close and make sure she didn’t do anything stupid.


“You’ll be in complete control of the facility and the employees.”

Robyn Stamos nodded as he followed the Head of the Parset Department of Health and Welfare. The man was showing him around his new home and place of work.

After fifty years of trying and failing to develop a cure on their own, the PDWH needed to take a chance. Robyn’s off-the-charts test results in his courses and his postdoctoral studies in the government branch had gotten him noticed. He was eighteen years old and more intelligent than half the department put together. It would be a breeze finding and developing the cure, but he had bigger plans for his position.

Robyn smiled to himself.

“Do you have any questions?” the Head asked, stopping in front of the entrance and putting his hands in his pants pockets.

Pushing his black-framed glasses up his nose, Robyn turned his sharp gaze on the shorter man. “You said I have complete control over the employees, correct?”

The man nodded.

“Then I would like to fire all of the incompetent morons currently in residence at the facility. I do not need any of these so-called geniuses to do my work. I have the mental capacity to perform all of their work myself. I would also like to hire Maxine Ernest and Ekie Maxwell,” explained Robyn, crossing his arms.
The man stared at him, slack jawed, for a brief moment before composing himself and nodding. He closed his eyes for a few seconds, taking a calming breath. “What makes these two so special you are willing to have their services?”

“I’m not surprised you’ve never heard of either of them. I like to keep current on my fellow prodigies, no matter how menial their talent may be. Maxine is very intelligent, skilled in computers, has graduated high school, and is doing many higher education courses through correspondence all at the age of fifteen. And Ekie, while not exactly book smart, can see people’s weaknesses, particularly in a fight. I have seen him in a brawl once or twice and made a point to learn about him. He is also fifteen years old,” Robyn explained. “I need them as my technical and security experts.”

Scowling darkly, the Head of the PDHW exhaled slowly. “They seem a bit young for such positions.”

“Do you also see me as too young?”

“Yes. And had it been up to me, you would not be doing this job. Unfortunately the board of Directors thought you were our best option right now, and if I want to keep my job, I have to keep you happy,” the man explained, his forehead creasing into a deep scowl.

“Well, if you want to keep me happy you’ll allow me to choose my own employees. I believe they are perfect for the positions I require. And since you are to accommodate my wishes, I will need them by the end of the week.” Robyn’s genial smile twisted into a smug smirk.

The other man was irritated and uncomfortable, but nodded anyway. He wasn’t in a position to say no if the PDWH wanted their precious cure. They were so desperate at this point, they would give Robyn the third moon of Kross if he asked for the thing. He wanted Max and Ekie, and as always, he would get his way. Of course, he didn’t particularly need security or glorified technical support, but it never hurt to have people on your side who shared your point of view. They would act more like moral support in the time to come.

“It’s a shame your father isn’t here to see you in such a position at your age.”
Robyn nodded. His father had been a well-known colonel, killed a few years ago in the war. “Yes, it is a shame. I believe he would have been very proud of my work.”

“Indeed he would have.”

Robyn’s false expression remained in place as he followed the man from the building. Yes, his father would have been very proud. Robyn was going to save the planet with his work. In more ways than one.

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Catwalk VS Backstage (part 1):

- Fendi SS 14-15

- Valentino FW 13

- Etro SS 15

- Etro FW 15


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